Sony Pictures Animation and producer Fred Seibert have teamed up for a contest to develop new cartoon content for Seibert’s Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. Twelve animation projects will be funded by Sony, with one winner being picked up to be turned into a series on Cartoon Hangover. Animators are encouraged to send pitches for the Go! Cartoons project to Seibert’s Frederator Studios.

Go!Cartoons is the latest in a long series of talent-hunting incubators for Seibert; in the past, similar projects have lead to the creation of beloved shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls, as well as newer fare like Cartoon Hangover’s upcoming Bee And PuppyCat. Seibert is a veteran animation producer, whose credits run the gamut from the early promotional materials that established the brand identity of MTV, to Cartoon Network success stories like Adventure Time. He currently has a film deal with Sony.