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Pitch Perfect is getting a sequel. Version 2.0 of the a cappella comedy is set to hit theaters sometime in 2015, when Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and all the film’s original stars will probably be far too successful to star in the film and/or far too old to play college students. No actors are attached to the project yet, but the original film’s screenwriter, Kay Cannon, will pen the sequel.


While the sequel might come as a bit of an aca-surprise to those unfamiliar with the movie, financially, it’s a smart move. As Entertainment Weekly points out, the movie cost just $17 million to make and earned $112 million in theaters worldwide. It’s also racked up $90 million in the home media market, and is Universal’s third highest-grossing VOD title behind only Ted and Bridesmaids. The soundtrack has sold 636,000 copies, with Kendrick’s take on “Cups” landing on the Billboard charts and even meriting a brand new, souped-up video.

Wilson also brought her Pitch Perfect mates in to perform with her at MTV’s Movie Awards this past weekend, though that whole endeavor left a little something to be desired, performance-wise. Now they have another chance to get it right.

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