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Pitbull to also make background noise for television

Pitbull, the man behind some of the world’s most vaguely acknowledged music, will translate those talents to television with two reality shows that can similarly play in the background of your local gyms and Applebee’s. The rapper-or-whatever has partnered with The Weinstein Company to produce and star in Pitbull: The Lyfe, a behind-the-scenes look at Pitbull’s lyfe, where he doth compose upon the lyre his odes to ladyes fayre; and The Real Change Project, where celebrities ranging from Paul McCartney to Michelle Obama will share stories of how they made it with the help of mentors, all the way to their current apex of appearing with Pitbull on a reality show produced by the company behind Mob Wives.

The Real Change Project also aims to raise funds for educators around the world—a place Pitbull has a personal affinity for, as it’s the home to all the thousands of terrible nightclubs blaring his music right now. It will do so through live performances and, presumably, donations from concerned audiences trying desperately to counteract Pitbull’s signature mangling of both English and Spanish.


There’s no word yet on which network will be the one disappointed viewers turn to hoping to watch a show about an actual pitbull.

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