Dario Argento’s troubled 2009 film Giallo—which premiered at the Edniburgh Film Festival to poor reviews, then found itself “blacklisted” and without a U.S. theatrical release, leading to Argento himself essentially disowning it—now has the added embarrassment of being sued by its star, Adrien Brody, who claims that he was never paid for his work. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brody first threatened to leave the film when he realized that the film was underfunded and that the producers couldn’t afford his $640,000 salary; he was convinced to stay with a contract stipulation granting him the “absolute right to withhold consent to the use of his likeness” until he got his check, which Brody was promised would come from a new influx of funding.

Recently, Brody found out this “new funding” was a lie, and now Brody has filed a lawsuit claiming that producers never paid him and ignored his attempts to block the film’s release—evident in the fact that it’s for sale right now on Amazon, its cover mocking Brody with his very own hangdog eyebrows. Brody is currently asking for his original salary plus another $2 million in damages, as well as a permanent injunction against the film’s distribution. Sure, the movie is supposedly kind of shitty, but so rarely is the average man granted the opportunity to do something that would anger Adrien Brody. Doesn't he just seem like the kind of guy who would be fun to watch when he's really upset? For only $18.99, here’s your chance to make that happen.