As we first reported back in August, Dimension Films has rushed a sequel to its summer sleeper Piranha 3D into production, with an eye on releasing it next August. And if that quick turnaround sounds like a setup for the sort of cheap, trashy cash-in that would further raise the ire of serious makers of serious 3D films like James Cameron, that’s because it proudly is: Not only will this follow-up be written by Saw 3D scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, it will be directed by their old collaborator John Gulager of Feast—all of whom got their start working on the Project Greenlight-spawned low-budget horror series—and, even better, it will bear the title Piranha 3 DD, because of course it will. Here’s hoping that the script includes a pompous Hollywood director character, whose plans to save the oceans by filming an environmentally conscious underwater documentary are thwarted when a bunch of angry fish bite off his dick.