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Pinkwash channels Tron in the video for “Gumdrop”

Pinkwash (Photo: Amy June Breesman)

On Collective Sigh, Pinkwash’s recent debut album for Don Giovanni Records, the duo found a way to make the manic noise-rock of acts such as Lightning Bolt feel accessible. In the video for “Gumdrop,” which The A.V. Club is premiering below, Pinkwash looks as if it was sucked into a low-budget version of Tron. As the band bashes through the track distorted colors consume them, matching the otherworldly noise the pair create. The video captures Pinkwash’s ability to make off-putting compositions feel warm and welcome, showing that the band has a bright, multi-colored future ahead of it.

Collective Sigh is available now through Don Giovanni Records.

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