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Pink Floyd is working on a new album, according to David Gilmour’s wife

It’s been 20 years since Pink Floyd put out an album, so it’s about time for David Gilmour and Nick Mason to give the people something new to roll doobies on. And that time is now, because Rolling Stone reports that Pink Floyd is working on a new album called The Endless River set to come out this fall. This time around the announcement was not made via a giant airship, but with a casual aside on Twitter; here’s what guitarist David Gilmour’s wife/occasional Pink Floyd lyricist Polly Samson said on Saturday:


Samson’s claim has since been substantiated by a representative of Gilmour and by backup singer Durga McBroom-Hudson, who explained on her Facebook page that the album will consist entirely of unreleased songs from the recording sessions for The Endless River. (At the time, Mason said the group had enough leftover material for an entire side project, which he jokingly referred to as “The Big Spliff”.) Apparently Gilmour and Mason have expanded on the tracks, some of which were written by now-deceased keyboard player Richard Wright, and added vocals. A bunch of unreleased songs retooled and re-released as an album probably isn’t the rainbow bridge of pure psychonautical musical energy fans have been waiting for, but just throw a laser light show onto it and they’ll be fine. 

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