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Pink Floyd is officially calling it quits 20 years after breaking up

Twenty years after breaking up, the few surviving members of Pink Floyd who will still associate with the band (so, not Roger Waters), announced a new album, The Endless River, to be released later this year. It wasn’t quite a new beginning for the band, as the album’s tracks were culled from the sessions that produced 1994’s The Division Bell, and is intended as a tribute to Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright, who died in 2008.

In those 20 years, the band has only performed a handful of times—mostly at charity events—and hasn’t written or recorded any new songs since The Division Bell. Effectively, Pink Floyd has not really existed since Pulp Fiction was in theaters. As such, longtime guitarist David Gilmour figures the time is right to say “this is the end” for the venerable group. Meanwhile, for the public good, Gilmour is holding back news that President Clinton may have had an affair with a White House intern, and has pledged not to reveal the ending of The Crying Game.

Fans can rest assured that, while the band that hasn’t existed in two decades will now continue to not exist in perpetuity, Pink Floyd’s music will still comprise 40 percent of every classic rock radio station’s playlist from now until the sun explodes.


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