When this YouTube video was first sent to me yesterday, it had about 5,000 views. This morning, when I went back to watch it for the tenth time, it had 270,000. What is it about total failure that attracts us so? I don't like to see America's Funniest Home Video-style crotch-football shenanigans, but give me a group of thirtysomething dudes trying their best to play Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"—and just dying, and knowing it—and you'll have my eyes for days. There's a moment at about 3:30 when the singer—let's call him Mr. Sunglasses On Head And Ripped Jeans—hits a bum note and just winces. Elsewhere, keep an eye on the bass player who somehow manages to come in just a little bit early or late pretty much every time. Stick around for the end, too, so you can experience the size of the crowd. ("Uh, you guys had two paid, but they were both pumpkins.") Oh, and the word "MUSIC" above the band… In case you couldn't tell.