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Pinegrove’s Sam Skinner moves to the front on his debut EP

Sam Skinner (Photo courtesy of label)

As a member of Pinegrove and Tawny Peaks, Sam Skinner is used to being in the background. As a guitarist and bass for the former, Skinner toured supporting one of 2016’s best records, but he had his own collection of songs waiting in the wings. Coming January 28 on Soft Speak Records, Skinner’s debut EP, Danny Through Junior, shows his versatility as a songwriter and performer and The A.V. Club is streaming all of it below. Songs like “Joel” feel ripped from the demos of Rivers Cuomo or a less effects-focused Alex G, while also basking in the folky bluegrass that pops up time and again in Pinegrove’s work.

Pre-orders for Danny Through Junior are available now.


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