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Rob Crow says he’s pretty much quitting music, saying it’s “financially irresponsible to [his] family,” as well as “ultimately humiliating to my psyche.” The Pinback and Goblin Cock frontman posted on Facebook that he’s going to try to “finish and release the work” he’s “already spent [his] heart and tears on,” but that “even that is likely to ruin” him. Crow’s retirement post is fairly brief—he also says he’s quitting Facebook, Twitter, and booze—but basically centers around his responsibilities toward his growing family, who he says would probably be interested in using his basement studio as an additional bedroom. Crow says he believes quitting music is “a mature decision” that will help him “be a responsible husband and father,” something that even Pinback’s most diehard fans would be hard-pressed to argue with.


Pinback formed in 1998 and has released five great studio albums, including 2004’s Summer In Abaddon and 2007’s Autumn Of The Seraphs.

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