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Pikachu: “Abolish ICE”

Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi (Getty Images)

The #resistance—that loosely connected group of people ideologically opposed to the Trump administration—has had its share of strange bedfellows, from morally outraged lifelong Republicans to billion-dollar corporations willing to take a stand against human rights violations. But, as reported by The Daily Dot, it appears now even fictional creatures from Japanese video games are joining the fight. All we can say is: Pikachu, welcome to the resistance.


This massive, Pokemon-shaped hole appeared in the front window of a Nebraska GOP office yesterday with the words “ABOLISH ICE” spray-painted on the sidewalk below it. Clearly, some electric-type Pokemon could no longer contain its fury regarding ICE’s actions at the US-Mexico border and perhaps felt energized by the recent slew of “Abolish ICE” candidates winning primaries. There were some reports that the window was actually shattered by a brick thrown by a human being and that the shape of the whole left behind was completely random. But, come on. That’s clearly Pikachu.


“I really wish I could tell you I’m surprised by this, but I’m not,” said the office’s executive director Kenny Zoeller, who must be familiar with Pikachu’s hot-headed nature, especially when over-leveled as this one clearly was. According to AP, the radicalized Pokemon and its accomplices caused $1,200 worth of damage. No word yet on whether the GOP plans to get the money for repairs from winning battles or if they’ll just wait for some misguided Democrats to start a GoFundMe.

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