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Pierce Brosnan thinks a female Bond would be "exhilarating," so make it so, you cowards

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Is it more than a little infuriating that we’re still asking whether or not women should be allowed to do things in 2019? Of course it is. However, we’re still dealing with large swaths of fandom that believe a female, Black, or, heaven forbid, a Black female bond would spell the end of a decades-long cultural staple. So now we’re at the stage of discourse where former Bonds have to step in and verbally, explicitly point out that misogyny is bad because—surprise!—they actually have a better shot of being heard.


Brosnan recently chatted with The Hollywood Reporter and naturally, the discussion landed on subject of whether or not Bond could be played by woman. Brosnan’s response was pretty enthusiastic:“Yes! I think we’ve watched the guys do it for the last 40 years, get out of the way, guys, and put a woman up there. I think it would be exhilarating, it would be exciting.” Still, he doesn’t think such a change will take place anytime soon. “I don’t think that’s going to happen with the Broccolis. I don’t think that is going to happen under their watch. 

If you’re looking for a counterpoint, never fear: Perpetual disappointment Piers Morgan has already spewed his predictable dissent during Good Morning Britain, where he is still somehow employed, dismissing Brosnan’s opinion as “virtue-signalling nonsense.” And though his hot takes often resonate like a dying foghorn sandwiched between a pair of angrily squawking parrots, he’s likely not the only one who feels that way. So we just want to take a moment to remind everyone that Bond, in all its raucously fun glory, is a.) fictional, and b.) designed in a way that allows anyone to take on the famous 007 identity—and yes, that should totally include women. 

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