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Pierce Brosnan reunited with the Mrs. Doubtfire kids and we're having hot flashes

Matthew Lawrence, Pierce Brosnan, Lisa Jakub, and Mara Wilson
Photo: Lisa Jakub (Instagram)

What should have been a disquieting horror movie about a desperate, divorced father’s deceptive means of spying on his children turned into 1993's Mrs. Doubtfire, a heartwarming comedy starring Robin Williams. Despite it centering around an out-of-work actor’s plan to lord over kids by dressing up as an old, rotund Scottish woman, Chris Columbus’s movie is shockingly funny, sweet, and affirming, not to mention a modern-day cable staple. A potential sequel was even in development in 2014, but it understandably petered out following the 2014 death of Williams.

On Wednesday, however, we received all the follow-up we needed when Lisa Jakub, who played Lydia Hillard in the film, took to Instagram to share a photo of her with cinematic siblings Mara Wilson and Matthew Lawrence. Also on hand was Pierce Brosnan, who served as an unwilling adversary to Williams as the film’s impossibly handsome Stu.


“So this happened,” Jakub wrote, tagging the post #25yearslater.

Yes, it’s seriously been 25 years, and in celebration the group took a video, which Jakub also shared to Instagram. In it, Brosnan zooms from a photo of the cast at the 1993 premiere to the gang of them now. “Love you, love you all so much,” he enthuses in his husky Irish accent. “So good to be a part of your lives.” It’s all very sweet.


Jakob released a memoir reflecting on her childhood acting career in 2015. After penning a beautiful tribute to Williams following his death, Wilson released an excellent book of her own the following year. Lawrence, meanwhile, reprised his Boy Meets World role in the updated Girl Meets World and apparently formed a band with famous brother Joey last year. Why they haven’t released a song called “Whoa!” by this point is beyond us.

Brosnan, meanwhile, is still impossibly handsome.

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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