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Pierce Brosnan/Owen Wilson thriller gets new, dumbed-down title

Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson, and Lake Bell were set to star in a movie called The Coup this March. But owing to the pervasive dumbness of a country that stopped vaccinating its kids and briefly thought Donald Trump was a viable presidential candidate, the movie is being pushed back to September, with a new, dumbed-down title: No Escape. Apparently, the original tested poorly with audiences, most of whom didn’t know what a “coup” was.

In No Escape, Wilson stars as a businessman moving to an unnamed country in Southeast Asia, who finds himself in the middle of a… sudden unwelcome change in government… and has to look for safe haven place to hide from political insurgents bad guys. James Bond thespian actor movie guy Pierce Brosnan has a supporting helping role in what can surely be considered thought of as a casting… um… good thing. Lake Bell co-stars appears is also in it as Wilson’s spouse wife sex lady.


The film movie shiny thing comes from Quarantine Don’t Go Near Sick People director John Erick Dowdle Doodie Doo-Doo Poop. Wilson Talking Car was most recently seen in Inherent Vice Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb, while Brosnan That Dude From Another Country recently starred in Best Original Screenplay nominee Ass.

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