I.T. consultants have ruled this country’s offices for far too long. They’re always installing secret software on our computers, belittling our intelligence as they tell us to try “turning it off and turning it back on,” and then laughing at us behind our backs as we fail to understand simple directions. Well, we say it’s time for someone to take those nerds down a peg, and, thankfully, Pierce Brosnan and John Moore—the director of A Good Day To Die Hard—are here to do just that.

According to Deadline, Moore is set to direct I.T., a thriller about “a successful publisher whose relationship with a young I.T. consultant sours,” which certainly sounds like the premise for a thriller, seeing as how it’s so thrilling. Brosnan will star as the successful publisher, and apparently the evil I.T. guy will try to use his magical computer powers to destroy Brosnan’s family and business. Honestly, that sounds more like a problem for Human Resources than the plot of a movie, but maybe we’re just underestimating how terrifying a scorned I.T. guy can be. He could probably send incriminating e-mails from Brosnan’s account, or share his Internet browsing history with the whole world. That might be a little embarrassing.


Deadline says the part of the villain is still being cast, which gives us a chance to do some stupid dream casting. How about Chris O’Dowd or Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd? Or they could reunite Brosnan with Goldeneye’s Alan Cumming, since he basically played an evil I.T. guy in that anyway.