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Pick your poison with these posters advertising the drugs of Westeros

In any land as wracked with intrigue, deceit, and assassination as the Seven Kingdoms from Game Of Thrones, poison and other drugs are never in short supply. Usually, these are only whispered about, formulas hidden away in maester’s minds and alchemist’s notebooks, not advertised publicly. But artist Fernando Reza has imagined a world in which deadly toxins, as well as sedatives and other drugs, are widely advertised with lush art nouveau paintings in the style of 18th century French cabaret posters.

Calling the series “A Song Of Art Nouveau,” Reza imagines advertisements for poisons like the Deadly Strangler that ended the life of beloved boy king Joffrey, as well as the stallion heart Daenerys Targaryen was forced to consume when pregnant.


This is Reza’s second poster series on the subject, having already completed a now-sold out set of images advertising other GoT products like Valyrian Steel and Wildfire. You can see more images of the series, as well as purchase posters of the new images, on Reza’s web site.


[via io9]


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