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Pick your flavor with these two Die Hard-inspired Brooklyn Nine-Nine trailers

It’s a big day for Jake Peralta: Not only is he appearing in a trio of new trailers for Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s return to the airwaves (courtesy of NBC), but he’s also getting to live out a fantasy that is legally distinct from Die Hard—which, as viewers will recall, is his all-time favorite. As it turns out, the fantasy is actually Jake’s vision for a new recruitment ad, and while the main part of the trailer is the same each time, the clips end on a different gag. In the first, Jake suggests saving money by cutting Terry Crews’ character (which we’re going to assume is a meta-gag about the show’s real budget). In the second, he lets Captain Holt take over for a very no-frills ad that cuts directly to the chase without any unnecessary flashiness. The third is supposed to be released at some point tonight, and it will most likely have another fun gag.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on NBC on January 10.

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