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Pick a side: Jonathan and Steve from Stranger Things are both in bands

Stranger Things

Suggesting that the love triangle that brews throughout the Netflix hit’s first season could be resolved with a good old-fashioned drum-off, various outlets have noticed that there’s a lot of musical talent floating around Hawkins, Indiana, the setting of this summer’s breakout hit Stranger Things. Active Googlers might have already caught the fact that Charlie Heaton—who plays the withdrawn, Clash-loving Jonathan Byers on the show—was the drummer for British rock band Comanechi, bobbing his long hair along to the band’s noisy, messy tunes.

Now, Paper has outed Joe Keery—a.k.a. Jonathan’s rival, giant-haired doofus and sometimes-bully Steve Harrington—as a rock drummer, too. Keery apparently plays for Chicago-based outfit Post Animal, whose fuzzy, ’70s-inspired sounds are trumped only by their fantastic marketing techniques.


(Photo: Facebook/Kristina Pedersen Photography)

Anyway, you can check out Post Animal’s music below, and add another data point to the Steve Vs. Jonathan battle that’s been raging on the internet ever since the show first aired. Meanwhile, we’re busy trying to figure out if Natalia Dyer, like, absolutely shreds for some little symphonic metal group or something. No word yet, but we’ll let you know if we dig anything up.


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