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Phoenix announces “unabashedly romantic” new album, Ti Amo

(Photo: Getty Images/Film Magic, Gabriel Olsen)

Most bands announce new albums on Twitter or in a press release, but Phoenix has appeared in a Christmas special with Bull Murray, so it no longer has to do things that most bands do. Case in point, the band just announced a new album—the follow-up to 2013’s Bankrupt!—in a New York Times profile (via Stereogum). The album is called Ti Amo, and the Times piece refers to it as Phoenix’s “most unabashedly romantic record yet.” Also, guitarist Laurent Brancowitz says Ti Amo is meant to evoke “summer and Italian discos,” even though the album itself was recorded in “an old opera house” in Paris—a location that is decidedly not an Italian disco.

Ti Amo will be available on June 9, and you can see both a fun Instagram photo of the band members reading about themselves in the New York Times and a short teaser of a new song on the album below.


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