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Phoebe Waller-Bridge has Fleabag's penis wall on display in her house

Illustration for article titled Phoebe Waller-Bridge has iFleabag/is penis wall on display in her house

As far as memorable props from a TV show go, it’s hard to beat Fleabag’s season-ending wall of dicks. Crafted as a combination object d’art/psycho-sexual power play by Olivia Colman’s cheerfully loathsome Godmother—who happily invites Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s titular heroine to try to identify which ones belong to her ex-boyfriend and father when she puts it on full display at the end of the show’s first season—it’s a truly glorious display of the many varieties, shapes, and, uh, angles of the human phallus. Which is presumably why, when the show was done with it, Waller-Bridge felt the urge to preserve the penis plinth by taking it home with her.

This is per a recent appearance the Emmy winner and No Time To Die writer made on The Graham Norton Show yesterday, showing off her wang wall to the show’s audience with unabashed aplomb. Admittedly, the cocks aren’t on full display just yet—Waller-Bridge is apparently hoping to get them mounted at her office as “a hat stand or something adorable like that” once the quarantine lifts. But they’re also not, like, in a closet somewhere—something that only really became an issue when Waller-Bridge had a package delivered back before quarantine set in, having completely forgotten that she was inviting the delivery person into a one-woman, several-bits-of-men art display. (Don’t worry: He turned out to be a passionate defender of the arts himself.)

And hey: At least they don’t move:

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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