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Philip Seymour Hoffman had to go to rehab for heroin, but everything's fine now

Philip Seymour Hoffman has admitted to TMZ that he recently spent 10 days detoxing in a rehab facility, after coming to terms with an addiction that had spiraled from prescription pill abuse to snorting heroin within about a year. Hoffman—who spent some time in rehab for drug and alcohol problems shortly after he graduated college, then remained sober for more than 20 years—tells TMZ that the heroin only entered the picture for about a week or so, after which he quickly realized he needed help. He got it, and he’s now reportedly already back working on a movie in Europe. Anyway, kudos to Hoffman for honestly addressing his rehab stint, rather than using the common celebrity excuse of “exhaustion”—even though in Hoffman’s case, everyone would totally believe it.

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