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Philip Seymour Hoffman, Anton Corbijn, and John le Carré join slow-moving forces for A Most Wanted Man

Anton Corbijn—whose The American established him as a director of some of the slowest-paced thrillers on record—is now readying A Most Wanted Man, a movie based on a novel by a man who’s also known for taking his sweet time with espionage, John le Carré. And joining the cast as "the head of the German secret spy organization" is one of the few stars capable of moving at their glacial pace, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Gary Oldman's performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy may have made his work as Commissioner Gordon in the Dark Knight films look like Jackie Chan on a rocket sled, but if anyone can match him it’s Hoffman, who will assuredly bring his own distinctive spin to this burgeoning sub-genre of the sedentary geopolitical thriller. Sadly, unlike the '70s-drenched Tinker, A Most Wanted Man is based on one of le Carré's more recent books, so there'll be no call for Hoffman to get his Boogie Nights hair out of storage.


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