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Philadelphia band Sea People records punk versions of South Park songs

Trey Parker and Matt Stone rose to popularity as the creators of the cheerfully vulgar South Park, which has been on the air far past the point when it should have stopped being funny. The show’s continued popularity has made clear that the two of them, especially Parker, have an abiding interest in songwriting. They’ve dedicated several South Park episodes to mocking particular styles of music, and one-off songs crop up pretty regularly in others. And 18 years in, they’ve written enough music to keep several cover bands busy for years.

The Philadelphia-based band Sea People has taken up the call. It has recorded several punk covers of South Park songs along with one from the Parker and Stone-starring BASEketball. Still, the band has a lot of work to do if it wants to make a dent in the massive South Park songbook, to say nothing of Parker and Stone’s other work, so it is advised to get cracking. If it could record a hard-driving version of the Crab People song sometime soon, that would be great.


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