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Phil Lord and Chris Miller sign big new Sony TV deal, including some Marvel projects

Photo: Rodin Eckenroth (Getty Images)

Phil Lord and Chris Miller had a hand in Sony’s animated smash-hit Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, and now the studio is thanking them with a cushy new TV development deal. According to Variety, Lord and Miller will leave their current deal with 20th Century Fox for a new one with Sony that is reportedly worth “nine figures,” and the plan is for them to develop new shows—live-action and animated, comedy and drama—under Sony’s banner while also supervising projects from other writers.

This doesn’t mean a ton for the average viewer, since it mostly just amounts to the next show that Lord and Miller create landing at some other network than Fox (which aired their Last Man On Earth), but the most interesting note in Variety’s story is that the two writers will also be “involved in developing a suite of television series based on Sony’s Marvel characters.” Sony’s been trying to figure out how to do some Into The Spider-Verse stuff on TV since that movie came out, and now it looks like they’ve found a way in. Of course, the lack of specific mention of Spider-Man implies that this doesn’t necessarily mean the wall-crawler specifically, but that universe is the one that Sony has control over, so… yeah.


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