Lego Batman 2

Earlier this week, we reported on a rumor that Lego Movie, 22 Jump Street, and Last Man On Earth masterminds Phil Lord and Chris Miller were being sought by Warner Bros. to direct its upcoming big-screen version of The Flash. Now, excuse us for assuming that most of the things listed in an article about rumors wouldn’t come to pass, but it turns out that rumor was actually true. Well, mostly.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller aren’t going to direct The Flash (not yet, at least), but they have been hired by Warner Bros. to punch up the project with their patently successful method of taking something that shouldn’t be funny and making it funny. Lord and Miller are working on a Flash treatment now, which basically means they’re on the step just before someone actually writes a draft of it. Assuming they don’t end up writing the whole thing, The Flash movie’s story might have the general hilarity of a Lord/Miller production, but not necessarily the same array of jokes. Of course, they could still end up writing and directing The Flash, but we don’t know yet.


Also, this version of The Flash (which will star The Perks Of Being A Wallflower‘s Ezra Miller) has nothing to do with The CW’s Flash TV show, even though the TV show is really good and making a movie about the same character seems like an insult to that show and its fans, but whatever. It’s not like DC and Warner Bros. threw this whole Justice League movie universe idea together without thinking it through. That would be silly.