Hi there! You might remember the late Phil Hartman from Saturday Night Live, NewsRadio, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, or as the man who voiced The Simpsons’ Troy McClure—who you might remember from such films as “P” Is For Psycho and The President’s Neck Is Missing. You might also remember that death typically precludes performers from producing new material—unless, like Tupac Shakur, Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, and Phil “The Glue" Hartman, those performers left behind an unreleased backlog of  recordings. Recordings like Phil Hartman’s Flat TV, a posthumous comedy album that previously surfaced in 2002—onethat Laughspin reports is due to become an animated feature. In news that’s sure to delight ghoulish Futurama fans who still grouse about never hearing the “true” Zap Brannigan, Hartman will voice one final cartoon from beyond the grave, having voiced (and written) all 22 of Flat TV’s tracks, which trace a day in the life of the fictional Sphincter family (why, yes, the album was recorded shortly before Hartman’s time on SNL) and the clan’s unofficial member: The TV set. The studio responsible for bringing images to Flat TV, Worker Studio Animation,  posted the preview track below; give a listen to “You Bet Your Life” to hear Hartman’s superb Groucho Marx impression, which you’ll one day remember from Hey, It’s Awfully Nice To Hear Phil Hartman’s Signature Blend Of Showbiz Professionalism And Comedic Smarm Again.