Photo: Samir Hussein / Getty Images

How odd and bittersweet that we’re getting so much new material from Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor in the immediate aftermath of his depressingly premature death back in March. After 18 years without a new Tribe Called Quest album and 16 years since Phife’s only solo offering, he’s suddenly back in a big way. Back in April, we got the posthumous single, “Nutshell.” As of this moment Tribe sits atop the Billboard 200 for the first time in two decades, with its critically acclaimed new album We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service. And now, as OkayPlayer reports, we can look forward to a Phife Dawg solo album in the coming year.

“His solo album will be out probably sometime during the first quarter of 2017. We’re working on it now,” the musician’s widow Desha Head Taylor tells OkayPlayer. “He completed his entire solo album before he transitioned, so we’re excited about releasing that.” The much-welcomed ultimate Phife release will be titled Give Thanks. We really all should.


[via Fact]