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Pharrell Williams' enormous Grammys hat can be yours

The enormous brown hat that Pharrell Williams wore to the Grammys can now be yours, with all the storied musical history and Smokey The Bear memes that comes with it. Williams has put his Vivienne Westwood-designed chapeau up for auction on eBay to benefit his nonprofit From One Hand To Another, which aims to place children under the enormous brown hat of education outreach programs. As of right now the auction has nine days left and bidding stands at $10,500, so there’s still a chance for someone with lots of money to task their assistant with getting it for them. And then they can wear it to their own gala functions, where they can calmly explain the hat’s relationship to old minstrel singers, Malcolm McLaren, and Neneh Cherry to glib jokers, or set up an Arby’s franchise inside it. [via NYT]


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