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A video posted by a fast food restaurant may not be the most traditional source for an important news story, but such is the world we live in these days. Frankly, we should all be thankful we still have news outlets other than fast food restaurants. Anyway, we reported back in March that Arby’s bought the big hat Pharrell wore to the Grammys after he auctioned it off for charity. We’re not sure why Arby’s did this, since it seems to be worth a mild chuckle at best, but the actions of a giant roast beef company are a little beyond the ken of us mortals anyway.


In the months since then, Arby’s has apparently realized that it also has no idea why it bought the stupid hat, since it’s just collecting dust in the closet now and Mrs. Arby’s keeps threatening to throw it away. “We can’t throw it away,” Arby’s whines. “It’s part of pop-culture history! If anything, it belongs in a museum!” And, apparently, it does. As announced with a Vine on the Arby’s Twitter page, the hat will be temporarily moving to the Newseum in Washington D.C., where it will join other exhibits like “The Bancroft Family Ethics Center” and the “9/11 Gallery Sponsored By Comcast.” If anyone’s eager to see the hat that’s famous for being kinda silly looking, it will officially become part of the museum’s collection on August 22. Now Arby’s has to figure out what to do with the hat once it’s returned. We’re thinking either a nationwide hat tour, so everyone can see the hat, or a garage sale.

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