Hans Zimmer has recruited a team that includes Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Incubus guitarist Michael Einziger, and Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart to create the score for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That eclectic group of musicians will team up with the Oscar- and Grammy-winning composer to soundtrack the sequel that's due May 2, 2014.

Zimmer said the idea for the supergroup came up while he was discussing the project with director Marc Webb. Said Zimmer, “… as the word got out, so many of our friends and musicians started calling us up, wanting to be a part of it, because they love Spider-Man… With all of these hugely talented people wanting to join us, it was Marc who said, ‘Why not start a band?” Why not, indeed?


Zimmer previously collaborated with Pharrell on the score for Despicable Me, as well as on the music for this year’s Academy Awards. Marr has collaborated with Zimmer on the Inception score, with Einziger on The Lone Ranger, and with Stewart on Madagascar 3.

Inception - Johnny Marr & Hans Zimmer Concert. from Johnny Marr on Vimeo.