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Peyton Reed sticking with his little buddy Ant-Man for another movie

Illustration for article titled Peyton Reed sticking with his little buddy iAnt-Man /ifor another movie
Photo: Ben Rothstein (Marvel Studios)

The two extant Ant-Man movies operate at a notably more low-key tone than the rest of their Marvel ilk—after all, what other entry in this universe would be so comfortable letting Paul Rudd do a whole lot of charismatic nothing for a couple of minutes as Ant-Man And The Wasp? A lot of that has to do with director Peyton Reed, who took over the first movie in the series after Edgar Wright parted ways with Marvel. In the process, Reed (whose other credits include Bring It On and The Break-Up) helped evolve the closest thing the MCU has to a set of “hang-out” movies: Low-pressure, low-consequence superhero outings that recognize that not every biggish-budget blockbuster has to end with the death of half the population of the universe.


Which is why it’s nice to hear, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, that Reed has now formally signed on to return for Ant-Man 3. There’s no word yet on what the film will see Scott Lang do with his ant-based powers, or whether he’ll admit that they’re actually kind of crummy in the face of his new-found ability to travel through time. (It’s hard to be low-key and charming when all of causality quakes beneath your fingertips!) Meanwhile, Rudd himself is reportedly expected to return—duh—and it would be bizarre to imagine that Evangeline Lilly, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Michael Douglas won’t be back as well.

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