Saturday Night Live

TV Line is reporting that Peter Sarsgaard is the latest Hollywood out-of-towner to relocate to the quiet Pacific Northwest hamlet of Twin Peaks. Also known for his brand of SARS Guards, the Black Mass actor joins other recent newcomers Robert Knepper (Prison Break), Balthazar Getty (Lost Highway) and Ted 2’s Amanda Seyfried in joining the Showtime revival series. While there have been plenty of rumors about returning cast members—rumors based on set photos strongly discouraged by director David Lynch—so far only Kyle MacLachlan is officially confirmed to return.

As Twin Peaks’ newest residents acclimate themselves, a helpful Agent Cooper can tell them exactly where to get a damn fine cup of coffee and slice of cherry pie and secure them a fair rate at the Great Northern. Perhaps Coop might even take them on a night hike around Glastonbury Grove to appreciate the owls, who are still not what they seem. And, depending how the revival picks up from the original series, Agent Cooper might even finish the tour at an abandoned railroad car. Cut to the relentless rotating of the Palmers’ ceiling fan.


Filming is currently underway in Washington State, and Twin Peaks is expected to return in 2017.