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Photo: Peter Rabbit (Sony Pictures)

The Peter Rabbit movie from earlier this year wasn’t great, and that’s not even counting the backlash against a food-allergy scene or the time a screening in Australia mistakenly featured the horrifying Hereditary trailer, but the movie did make a whole bunch of money internationally. In hopes of making even more money internationally, Sony has announced that it’s making a Peter Rabbit sequel with original director Will Gluck attached to write and direct once again. That comes from Variety, which says the studio has penciled Peter Rabbit 2 in for a February 7, 2020, release date.


We don’t know if the first film’s cast will return, but it starred James Corden as the eponymous little rascal (or “insufferable dick” as our review put it), Domhnall Gleeson as the rabbit’s garden-owning nemesis, and Rose Byrne as Gleeson’s love interest/a stand-in for original Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter.

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