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Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1 soon to be an actual mixtape

Illustration for article titled Peter Quill’si Awesome Mix Vol. 1 /isoon to be an actual mixtape

Album sales being what they are, record companies have to try to sell copies of the things people are actually willing to buy—mostly soundtrack albums, apparently—any way they can. To this end, EW reports that the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack will be available to purchase on cassette tape beginning November 17. (The soundtrack is already available on vinyl, for the ‘70s rock enthusiast who does not actually own any ‘70s rock records, and CD, for those ‘70s rock enthusiasts’ moms to buy them for Christmas.)


Considering the Guardians soundtrack, subtitled Awesome Mix Vol. 1, has already topped the Billboard 200 charts, topping the lesser-known Billboard Hot Cassettes Not Found In a Shoebox charts should be a breeze. A pencil for winding the tape back into the cassette after your ironic Walkman eats it will, presumably, not be included.

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