Defying mass protests, illnesses, and an Earth that sought to set him ablaze or shake him off like a particularly hirsute tick, Peter Jackson confirmed that he has officially completed principal photography on The Hobbit, a mere four months before the first film is due to hit theaters. Jackson is now ready to enter the cutting room and begin honing that footage into the sleek, streamlined, two-part, probably six-plus-hour finished product, the tedium of the editing process occasionally alleviated by Jackson casting a few more dwarves, just for fun. "We made it!" Jackson exclaimed in making his announcement, shortly before being mauled by a bear.

And of course, the end of Hobbit filming news really, truly means the end of our digging up Lord Of The Rings tribute videos on YouTube. It's time to say goodbye—at least until the next time we do this, because there are literally thousands of them and they are all hilarious.