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Peter Jackson considering tempting fate with yet another Hobbit film

Having survived nearly every setback that can befall a film production save spontaneous combustion, a cocky Peter Jackson is now openly jeering destiny by pursuing a third Hobbit movie, one that could begin shooting in New Zealand as early as next summer—giving the population of New Zealand a year to consider moving. Jackson teased both an adoring crowd and the sulking heavens with the possibility during Comic-Con, but today The Hollywood Reporter notes that those talks have "accelerated," with Jackson and Warner Bros. very seriously exploring all the logistics that would go into it, including going through that year-long slog of securing cast members all over again, once more locking down the property rights, and installing lightning rods on everyone's back, because fuck you.

As of now it's unclear what J.R.R. Tolkien material, exactly, Jackson would be working from, especially considering he's already padded out The Hobbit into two very long films, but the speculation is that a third movie might be drawn from the various Lord Of The Rings appendices, which fill in a lot of history and background information to the main, much more interesting story. Failing that, perhaps it could consist of Orlando Bloom walking slowly through a lush green meadow as he reads the entire Elvish To English dictionary.


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