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Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows, Peter Gallagher sign on for The Good Wife

Law & Order: SVU

Peter Gallagher, star of The O.C., Cover Affairs, and multiple covers of Furrow, the magazine for brows and the hairs that live atop them, will be joining the cast of the upcoming season of The Good Wife in a recurring role. Gallagher will play Irving Carter, an attorney who represents Oliver Platt’s conservative billionaire Reese Dipple, who’s presumably involved in a lawsuit based around the fact that his name sounds like it would make for a delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor.

Carter is described as “witty” and “sophisticated,” showing the brutal typecasting that’s been dogging Gallagher’s career for years. (He’s also described as someone who “prefers civilized, intelligent debate over mindless bullying,” because people just can’t leave the poor man alone.) Gallagher isn’t the only new performer joining the show for its seventh season; in the wake of departures by both Archie Panjabi and Matthew Goode, the show has cast Jeffery Dean Morgan as a series regular, and beloved character actress Margo Martindale for a recurring part.


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