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As reported by Variety, Peter Frampton confirmed to CBS This Morning that his recently announced “farewell tour” isn’t just a publicity move but a legitimate attempt to put on some shows one last time before he’s physically unable to. Frampton revealed that he has been diagnosed with a “rare and incurable condition called inclusion body myositis,” which will cause his muscles to weaken over time and will invariably impact his ability to play guitar. He was first diagnosed several years ago but didn’t begin to feel the symptoms beginning to progress until last year.


In the CBS interview, Frampton said that he didn’t want to wait too long to go on tour because then people would begin to question whether or not he could still play as well. He says that he still can at this point, and he’s confident he can still put on shows through this fall, but he’s not sure how much longer he’ll be able to go after that. “I’m a perfectionist,” Frampton told CBS, “and I do not want to go out there and feel like, ‘Oh I can’t, this isn’t good.’ That would be a nightmare for me.” Frampton is also undergoing experimental treatment at Johns Hopkins, and he says he’ll do a “miracle tour” some day if the drug trial works, but at this point he says he’s just being “realistic,” so “this really is the farewell tour.”

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