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Peter Facinelli will play Maxwell Lord on Supergirl

As reported by Deadline, a familiar face from Twilight will be popping up to play a familiar face from the world of DC Comics on CBS’ upcoming Supergirl show. Peter Facinelli—who was also on Nurse Jackie and appeared on American Odyssey earlier this summer—will be playing Maxwell Lord, an especially complicated character who is sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes a cyborg. Deadline says this version of the character will be “a green tech billionaire” who “is fascinated by Supergirl,” though we have a sneaking suspicion that what Deadline says isn’t the whole story.

In the comics, Lord was originally presented as a powerful businessman who helped put together the Justice League International—an off-shoot of the vanilla Justice League. Depending on the story, he also sometimes has mind control powers. In the Countdown To Infinite Crisis comic, though, it was revealed that Lord is actually a bad guy who has been keeping tabs on the superhero community because he doesn’t trust them. Arrow and The Flash—which both also come from Supergirl’s Greg Berlanti—have already shown a tendency to subvert comic book fans’ expectations by having characters do things a little differently than they’re known for, but it seems like a pretty safe bet that Peter Facinelli is going to turn out to be a villain.


Supergirl will premiere on CBS on October 26.

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