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Peter Dinklage to star as a foulmouthed leprechaun

In what promises to be the most fun one can have with Peter Dinklage not involving a hula hoop, the Game Of Thrones star has signed on to lead an R-rated comedy, about a man who cons others into believing he’s a real leprechaun. The script comes from Andrew Dodge, who wrote the upcoming, Jason Bateman-directed Bad Words, about spelling bee kids who are equally schooled in profanity. Now Dodge will write another story about little people with foul mouths in a story that’s described as tonally similar to Bad Santa, in that it involves a man who’s believed to be magic, but is really just kind of an asshole. The movie doesn’t have a title yet, though if they wanted to just go ahead and call it Leprechaun Man that would be fine. Asshole Leprechaun would also work. Basically, anything but Bad Leprechaun; that's reserved for the WWE’s Leprechaun reboot.


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