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With an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and about a million awards nominations under his belt, Peter Dinklage can no longer complain about being underrated. His role as Tyrion Lannister has made him an Internet icon and something of a sex symbol, ensuring he’ll never have to play a leprechaun again. Yes, Peter Dinklage’s life is pretty cool.


And it continues to get cooler, as Variety reports that Dinklage has signed on for a starring role in the upcoming Western thriller The Thicket, based on a book by crime novelist Joe R. Lansdale. Dinklage will play Shorty, a bounty hunter and “grave-digging alcoholic son of an ex-slave and a street-smart prostitute” who teams up with a young man searching for his kidnapped sister. Shorty tracks the girl into a lawless region called “The Big Thicket,” a place where “blood and chaos reign.” This should prove no obstacle for Dinklage, who’s had experience with both blood and chaos on Game Of Thrones.

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