Awards are nice, but you know you’ve made it as an actor when you beat Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm and Oprah for a part. And Peter Dinklage has officially made it, having been chosen over all the above for a role in the upcoming Universal comedy Michelle Darnell. Dinklage will play the nemesis to Melissa McCarthy’s Michelle, a disgraced businesswoman who attempts to re-brand herself after being sent to prison for insider trading. Variety reports that the studio had trouble deciding whether the antagonist should be played by a man or a woman—obviously, based on the list of candidates above—and “[cared] more about a landing a star who can chew up every scene he or she is in.” Based on a character created by McCarthy, Michelle Darnell will be directed by McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone, presumably some time after McCarthy is finished busting Redditor’s childhoods in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot.