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Peter Dinklage cast in Adam Sandler’s “video games vs. the world” movie

Peter Dinklage will join Adam Sandler and Kevin James in the cast of the upcoming film Pixels, according to a Variety report. The addition of the Game Of Thrones star brings a touch of prestige to the project, which previously consisted only of a rather fetching special-effects reel and half the main cast of Grown Ups 2. The movie reportedly follows a group of video game experts who fight back when Earth is attacked by the likes of Q*bert and Pac-Man, but Variety has no word on Dinklage’s specific role. It could be that the producers of Pixels are simply recruiting the lead actors who come up when they search for “game” on IMDB. Expect future Pixels casting reports to include appearances by Michael Douglas, Jennifer Lawrence, Asa Butterfield, and the ghost of Gene Rayburn.


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