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Peter Capaldi says he’s leaving Doctor Who after this season

Doctor Who

BBC’s Doctor Who may live forever, but the man who plays The Doctor must always step down eventually. Sometimes they get forced out by the BBC for being too old, sometimes they get forgotten because they only appeared in a poorly received TV movie, and sometimes it’s simply time to move on. In fact, that’s the exact reason that current star Peter Capaldi gave today when he announced that he’ll be leaving Doctor Who after its upcoming 10th season.

Capaldi dropped that news during a BBC Radio 2 interview, and his statement was just confirmed by the show’s Twitter account:


Longtime Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat will also be the leaving the show after this season, with Broadchurch’s Chris Chibnall replacing him. Seeing as how the BBC needs to find someone new to play The Doctor now, maybe they should just stick with the Broadchurch connection and get the guy who played the lead detective on that show. The guy who played the priest would be good too, but he’d probably be even better as one of The Doctor’s traveling companions. Or, if we’re allowed to go crazy, maybe one who isn’t a white man?

Season 10 of Doctor Who is set to premiere in April.

[via TV Line]

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