Peter Bogdanovich has worn many hats throughout his long, checkered, sometimes glorious, often tragic careers: fedoras, stovepipes, straw hats, even the occasional bowler. He's also played a lot of different roles: historian, critic, writer, director, pompous boob, ascot enthusiast, sycophant to great filmmakers everywhere, Orson Welles sidekick.

Now Mr. Excitement is about to add a new hat to his collection of hats. Yes, he's headed down to the professional haberdashery and picked up a nifty new number I like to call "Guy who is adapting Kurt Andersen's mammoth novel Turn Of The Century for the big screen." Is this new chapeau the straw that will break the camel's back? How much further can I go with terrible/nonsensical hat-themed metaphors? Only time will tell but the adaptation will be Bogdanovich's first feature-length theatrically distributed narrative film since 2001's pretty good The Cat's Meow.