Normally news of a remake is cause for anguished wails of "Why bother?" around these parts, but today's news that director Peter Berg plans to take his own whack at Dune somehow doesn't have that same old sloppy seconds sting. Maybe that's because no one's turned in a universally agreed-upon version yet: While it's definitely developed a considerable cult following, not even David Lynch was particularly proud of his own take on the Frank Herbert classic, famously replacing his name with "Alan Smithee" on some cuts. And the 2000 Sci-Fi Channel miniseries—while hewing closer to the book, which pleased some obsessives—was, let's face it, just a Sci-Fi Channel miniseries, so there's still plenty of room out there for a definitive theatrical interpretation. The news so far is somewhat encouraging: Producers are pitching around for writers who can turn in a "faithful" adaptation of the novel, saying they consider the story's "theme of finite ecological resources particularly timely." One can only hope Berg has learned from past mistakes: