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Peter Berg is "very serious" about getting your hopes up for a Friday Night Lights movie

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Director Peter Berg is moving forward on his plans to constantly be “moving forward on plans” to make a feature film continuation of Friday Night Lights, according to TV Line. As was previously reported, most viewers had just reached some sense of peace regarding the beloved NBC show and its sweetly realized, natural, fitting end, when Berg announced that they immediately should stop being satisfied with that and begin pining for a big-screen movie that would provide the real closure. Of course, even the most ardent fan realized immediately that such a plan is sort of a pipe dream, considering Friday Night Lights struggled to survive even as a network television show, suggesting its box office prospects would be even more limited to a devoted yet disappointingly small audience.


But Berg, with clear eyes and full heart—which is a catchphrase most people are not familiar with—nevertheless vows that he is “very serious” about shooting an FNL movie next year. In fact, he says he’s already begun writing a script with executive producer Jason Katims that focuses on Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton’s characters, introduces some new people, and then brings back some familiar faces for what he describes as a “really fresh, very original take” on the story. Or, we could just accept Friday Night Lights for the perfectly realized arc (minus that season-long misstep) that it was, allow those characters to live on in our imagination, and let it go, to avoid another endless Arrested Development/Party Down/Veronica Mars movie situation. We could also do that. If Berg likes, we could even pretend that, to raise money for his ranch, Tim Riggins joins the Navy and ends up fighting aliens.

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