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Peter Berg-directed Battleship cruising into theaters July 2011

Variety reports that Peter Berg has inked a two-picture deal with Universal to direct an interpretation – is that the word? – of the Hasbro board game Battleship, clearly in exchange for directing duties on a moderately more respectable sounding Afghan war pic titled Lone Survivor. The studio expects Battleship to sink into theaters on July 1, 2011, a blatant grab for American patriotism. Unwholesome flag-waving and comparisons to Pearl Harbor will ensue.

Battleship is but the latest in board games turned box office brands. We previously told you about Candy Land and Ridley Scott’s Monopoly and word that POTC’s Gore Verbinski would be remaking cult classic Clue. What Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers imagining could be next? Don’t Wake Daddy? Trouble? Risk? KerPlunk? Certainly Hungry, Hungry Hippos would make an excellent wildlife documentary. As always, we request that you stay tuned.


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