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Peter Bagge's Bradleys comics to become Fox animated series?

Alt-comics favorite Peter Bagge took a swing or two at turning his characters into animated cartoons during his '90s heyday, but nothing ever came to fruition. Now, Bagge's publisher Fantagraphics is reporting that the cartoonist has a development deal with Fox to produce a pilot script for a prime-time animated series featuring his dysfunctional New Jersey suburbanites The Bradleys, from which came the character Buddy Bradley, who's been the protagonist of a lot of Bagge's work since the early '80s. Bagge's Bradleys stories are some of his best, but it's hard not to wonder if this is a little late in coming. (Perhaps someone at Fox read our AVQ&A about "recommended first comics.") Even Matt Groening has acknowledged that The Simpsons owes some debt to The Bradleys, and King Of The Hill has some Bradleys-esque elements as well. Will the original still be able to trump its imitators? Fingers crossed.


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